The collective

The Desert Futures Collective is a growing network of scholars, activists, and artists whose shared goal is to chart new paradigms for interdisciplinary humanities scholarship through a comparative focus on the poetics and politics of desert spaces. At presentfor the health and the safety of our communitiesthe collective operates digitally. When it is possible to do so, we will convene in person at events organized by our members to be held at their respective institutions. Dates and details for those events will become available on this website. Together, we are working to open new pathways for south-south, multilingual, and transnational intellectual exchange as we build a shared conceptual vocabulary for the comparative study of deserts.

The symposium and workshop at yale

The “Desert Futures : Sahara” symposium and workshop that was originally scheduled for April 2020 at Yale University in New Haven was postponed because of Covid-19. It will be held at Yale from April 28 to May 1,  2022.  This interdisciplinary, multi-day event will bring together a distinguished group of artists and scholars from diverse disciplinary and linguistic backgrounds to participate in conversations focused on the poetics and politics of Saharan spaces in particular. Details about the event will be made available on this website.

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